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A smart Ibao user once said: Ibao is elegant. Each detail is key to making you more attractive.

With lavender French style nail polish, rosy and clean nude makeup, shiny black eyelashes, and spring-like apparel, she would always remember their first encounter and the story of love at first sight when she looks at her limited edition handbag brought back from Avenue des Champs-Élysées with her bright eyes.

The bag pillow has thus been born to support and keep the bag free from wrinkles and distortion.Our exclusive charcoal pillow can protect against humidity.The longer you use it, the better protected your bag will be.

We hope to keep your bag elegant and perfect all the time to accompany you during your journeys of love.A girl should love her bag as much as she loves herself.She should keep the bag in shape just as she takes care of her skin.They love and support each other.


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